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Sustainability & Environmental

NAI Hiffman is dedicated to reducing the impact that commercial real estate has on the environment. Our collaborative services platform uniquely positions us to partner with our clients to reduce their ecological footprint locally and globally.

We provide a wide variety of green services, and the energy savings we help clients achieve benefits both the environment and their bottom lines. Seasoned professionals are well versed in the benefits of sustainable buildings and certifications such as LEED and Energy Star and are available to be called upon to consult as needed.

At NAI Hiffman, we deliver integrated and comprehensive sustainable solutions that not only meet our clients’ diverse business needs, but also mitigate our collective impact on the planet.

We appreciate and calculate how environmental and sustainability issues relate to the commercial function and cost of your business. Executing and managing environmental projects, including Energy Star and LEED certifications, properly insures your asset reaches maximum performance potential.

From proactively researching the issues that most affect our clients and will in the future, to executing the activities that solve environmental issues and ultimately save valuable time and costs, NAI Hiffman takes our responsibility to the planet and our clients very seriously.